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Cash Registers

We supply a range of cash registers to suit most customers’ requirements and budgets. When deciding on which cash register is right for you, you need to consider several options;

Size of cash drawer/footprint

Do you need you cash register to fit into a small space (i.e. have a small “footprint”) If so, you may want a small cash register. The disadvantage is the limited number of coin and note compartments available. A large cash drawer usually has eight coin and four cash compartments.

Type of Printer

Do you have a high number of transactions every day? If so, you probably need a heavy-duty printer, but if not, you may be able to get away with something smaller. A pub or busy retail shop would have a heavy-duty printer. A hair salon of small cafe would usually have a light-duty printer.

We supply an extensive range of cash registers to meet most customer needs. A number of cash registers offer many of the advantages found on an EPOS system, these cash registers are suitable for a variety of retail and hospitality environments including new-agents, general stores, bars, cafes etc. These feature rich cash registers can be tailored to suit the various environment they find themselves in.

Available Cash Registers

Shogun HE-100

HE-100 Cash Register

Shogun HE-300 Cash Register

HE-300 Cash Register

Shogun HE-400 Cash Register

HE-400 Cash Register

Shogun HE-500 Cash Register

HE-500 Series

Shogun HE-700 Series Hybrid Cash Register

HE-700 Series

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