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Waitress Ordering

The Orderman7

The new Orderman7 has a number of key features:

  • 5-inch HD Display
  • Especially durable construction
  • Replaceable battery
  • Programmable side buttons
  • Touch screen
  • Warranty
  • Long-lasting charging contacts
  • Notification LEDs


The Orderman7 radio ordering system has one crucial advantage over competitive systems: it was specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

This is where Orderman comes into play. Orderman7 handheld units simply make every establishment faster, more effective and more welcoming. In ice cream parlors, bars, coffee houses, cake shops, inns, pubs and restaurants, Orderman ensures mobility, speed, friendliness, competence and profitability.

We have supplied the Orderman handhelds for a number of years. However, this waitress ordering handheld unit is relatively new and has a touch screen. It is faster, more reliable and more versatile.

The Orderman’s interface with a point of sale system we supply called G-PoS.

Find out more about the Waitress Ordering System we supply and support across Cumbria, Lancashire and the North of England



5-Inch HD Display

5-Inch HD Display

The new Orderman features a large, high-resolution 5-inch HD display. This ensures it is always easy to read – even in direct sunlight in the outdoors area or on the patio area.

Especially Durable Construction

It is shock-resistant. And water-tight. And truly keeps out a lot. Thanks to its high-quality materials and especially sturdy construction, the new Orderman is an ideal and reliable partner for your everyday use in the hospitality industry.

Replaceable Battery

The battery for the new Orderman holds up to 18 hours of charge (3150 mAh). And the best part is: It can be quickly and easily replaced – for a newly recharged battery with the same power.

Programmable Side Buttons

Which functions do you need most frequently? Simply save them in order to access them more quickly. The new Orderman features specially programmable side buttons.

Touch Screen

The touch screen of the new Orderman can be quickly and easily used, and is not choosy: You can enter the order using either your finger or the touch pen.


With the new Orderman, you get the absolute highest quality. We not only promise this – we guarantee it: with our all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty for up to five years.

Long Lasting Charging Contacts

The gold-plated charging contacts are integrated flush in the design and protect against external influences such as grease or liquids.

Notification LEDS

With the new Orderman, everything is right in the big picture. But the minor features are also worth mentioning: cleverly positioned notification LEDs, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, vibration alarms and speaker provide a most user-friendly experience.


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