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Chippy Bank



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Chippy Bank

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced Wayne Fleming of the Chippy Bank Fish and Chip Shop in Ulverston, to entirely change the way he operated, he decided to invest in an online ordering system to modernise and increase the efficiency, while keeping his customer base and staff members safe.

As an existing and happy customer, Chippy Bank consulted with Harmony EPoS about the possibility of adding an integrated online ordering system as a further, lockdown-compliant sales channel.

Chippy Bank was delighted to learn that such a system could be linked directly to their existing EPoS system. Harmony EPoS recommended the perfect adaptable, easy-to-use online system purposely designed for takeaways, cafes and restaurants. Customers would be able to place orders via their smartphones, tablets or computers. These orders are sent directly to the business’ EPoS system in real-time, meaning clear orders every time for the staff to fulfil.

Working closely with Harmony EPoS, the online ordering system was tailored perfectly to Chippy Bank’s bespoke requirements.

Chippy Bank says

“Basically, we worked out that we could have whatever order ready in 15 minutes. We detailed how we wanted the system to work for us; when someone places an order, it is up in 15 minutes, and available for collection. Before Covid, we had the odd telephone order during the day. But when people rang up at evenings, we were too busy to take orders over the phone”. No longer tied up with time-consuming telephone orders, Chippy Bank has found that online ordering has streamlined the ordering process for customers. There are no misunderstandings, no illegible orders written in haste; all this makes us more efficient, effective and profitable.

“It’s given people choice, we’re finding that more people now order things like haggis. With the online ordering system, people see everything we have to offer and look through the entire menu: previously, they came into the shop and had a quick look at the menu on the board. Now, they’re looking at everything online, which has increased sales of higher-priced items and sides”.

As Covid restrictions have eased, Chippy Bank has continued to reap the benefits of its online ordering system.

Chippy Bank says

“The people love it, they’re now in the routine of doing click and collect; it’s just so much easier. And that’s what it is: ease”.

“On Fridays and Saturdays, the online orders are doing that well, it’s definitely paid for itself, there’s no looking back”.

“If I’ve got a problem or want something changing, like price changes or menu change, Harmony EPoS are there to make the change remotely to the online menu. It’s fantastic”.

Chippy Bank has also discovered other advantages to the online ordering system. Customers can peruse the entire menu online at their leisure via their smartphone or other devices.

“Businesses have found that people want to order takeaway food this way, because it is so convenient. These systems also reduce the amount of time staff spend dealing with customers face-to-face, which helps to offset staff shortages in the hospitality industry”.

Harmony EPoS systems can also handle integrations including:

  • Kitchen Order Displays
  • Table Service
  • Stock Control
  • Cloud Back Office Software
  • Employee Management
  • Gift Card System
  • Making Tax Digital
  • Multiple Card Partners


Need something similar?

Need something similar?

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