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As a restaurant professional, you offer an experience your diners will cherish. They will come back and also be advocates for your business.

To aid your success, you must have an EPoS partner who cares about your business as much as you do – a partner with many years of experience supporting other fantastic operators just like you.

At Harmony EPoS we are passionate about our hospitality clients; as soon as you reach out, the magic begins - we will guide you through the whole process, from analysing your menus and configuration requirements to install day and ongoing support.

Types of EPoS

With EPos, ‘One size fits all’ is a dangerous myth!

Providing different systems for varying requirements and budgets allows us to find the right solution for any business.

Whether you are looking for a Windows, Android or embedded system; interfacing to Kitchen monitors, table reservations, hotel PMS systems or online ordering; linking to stock control, time &attendance, mobile apps or accounts packages...

Harmony EPoS has you covered.

Feature examples:
  • Splitting bills by covers, items or seat - you can even spit by quantity and portions.
  • Moving tables - when moving tables, the kitchen is notified.
  • Sending a Starter with Main Courses - Giving flexibility when orders are sorted by course.
  • Sending messages to the kitchen - Using pre-set messages or free text.
  • Changing the Daily Specials - Performed quickly on the point of sale.
  • Changing Stock Countdowns - Allowing staff to inform customers when a dish is running low.

Counter Service

A counter service system is an EPoS Touch Screen on a counter or a bar.

These can work as standalone (for bars, clubs and cafes) or interface to other terminals and/or tablets (for restaurants & hotels).

A system must be configured for optimal simplicity and speed, whether for a bar, fast food operation, or when offeringpowerful restaurant features.

Table Service

In the past, taking orders by pen & paper was the only option for table service; this was highly inefficient and costly for many reasons, including speed, reduced sales and missing items from bills.

A Harmony EPoS configured tablet gives the waiting on staff the confidence to tackle any situation, whether it’s answering a question about a dish, sending a Starter with a Main or informing a customer you are running low on a ‘special’, this can all be performed smoothly and quickly.

When a system allows you to operate with such ease, your profits will increase with efficiency savings and upselling opportunities.

table service with epod system
harmoney EPOS
A few tips to consider to facilitate a trouble-free table service system:
  • Having a tablet which operates exactly the same as the main till will reduce training.
  • Purchase a tablet that is not too bulky for staff to carry, or it will become redundant.
  • Fit a shoulder strap to the tablet to prevent it from being dropped.
  • Good battery life will mean it will last all day.
  • Invest in a charging cradle – the tablet can be charged quicker and without damaging ports.
  • WiFi – If required, add extra access points to give better coverage; these can also be utilised for your card payment terminals.
  • Don’t go for a system which is reliant on your broadband.
  • Would an integrated card system that can take payments and print bills at the table benefit you?

Back Office Software

Imagine being able to manage and monitor your EPoS system from the comfort of your office.

Back-office software will give you powerful reporting, enabling you to make important decisions based on your sales data.

Sales dashboards with the ability to drill down to the raw data will allow you to have your finger on the pulse without consuming your valuable time.

harmoney EPOS
Modules include:
  • Realtime Sales Analysis – with many reports available with date filter options, etc.
  • Reports include Financial, Groups, Product, Staff, Hourly, and Weekly Business.
  • Realtime Stock Control allows product reports by SKU, stock movements, variance reports etc.
  • Time & Attendance Reporting.

Cloud Software

In today’s world, people expect to be able to manage their system from anywhere, whether it is making program changes or analysing sales and stock. A cloud system can replace or compliment back-office software allowing you to remotely log on to a web browser to manage your business.

Your EPoS system must continue to function if your broadband goes down. There are systems on the market where this is not the case, and you would struggle to continue making sales, which we believe is unacceptable.

waitress at epos system
Other advantages of cloud systems include:
  1. Sales data is stored securely off-site – if your system ever fails, you will not lose historical data + if you require new hardware, you can be up and running very quickly by restoring your program from the cloud.
  2. Subscription-based pricing keeps costs down + software updates occur automatically, allowing you to quickly benefit from new features.
  3. Cloud-based systems are fully scalable, allowing you to manage multiple sites, with different requirements, from the same system.
  4. Integrations are much more straightforward, giving the option to interface with accounts, table reservations and online ordering systems.

Payment Processing

Interfacing a card terminal to your EPoS Touch Screen reduces costly mistakes and speeds up taking payments.

Card terminals can be set up as Pay-at-Counter, Pay-at-Table or BOTH simultaneously!

With some Pay-at-Table devices, you can print an itemised bill at the table using the printer in the card terminal.

Card terminals are much more robust now, utilising WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data from the same device. This means you can still take payments if your broadband fails!

Man using epos system card
woman paying by credit card at cafe


When purchasing an EPOS system, you need to know that you are in control with the flexibility to designate management functions to key staff.

You can also choose whether staff sign on to the system using a button, pin code, clerk card, magnetic Dallas key, RFID fob or fingerprint reader.

We will provide many tricks of the trade to minimize the chances of you losing money through shrinkage or operator mistakes.

Kitchen Monitors

A kitchen monitor system will give you access to real-time and historical analytics to help you improve your operations. With data visualisations and reporting, you can react on the fly, identify trends, and ultimately run a smarter and more profitable restaurant.

You can mark orders as released, arrived, fast-track and cancelled without setting foot in the kitchen.

harmoney EPOS
Man using epos system card
harmoney EPOS
harmoney EPOS

Account Integrations

How much time do you spend entering the figures from your EPoS system into your accounts software?

HMRC Making Tax Digital has been designed to make tax returns and payments easier. Connecting to your accounts software means less data entry and increased accuracy for the accounting department.

We can integrate with Xero, QuickBooks and Sage, streamlining procedures, saving you valuable time whilst reducing mistakes.

Table Management Integrations

A Table Management System takes reservations 24/7 with online booking functionality, allowing you to focus on what you do best, providing your diners with an experience to remember.

Two-way integration between your POS and Table Management System can relieve the pressure on staff by helping them manage bookings and walk-ins, maximizing covers, and improving service.

harmoney EPOS
harmoney EPOS
Benefits include:
  • Increase exposure by reaching more diners.
  • Accept real-time bookings from your website, Facebook, and Reserve with Google.
  • Manage bookings and turn tables faster.
  • Protect against no-shows by accepting card deposits.
man using cash register
harmoney EPOS
harmoney EPOS
harmoney EPOS

Online Ordering

Integrating your EPoS system to an online ordering platform allows your clients to order deliveries or pickups 24/7!

Integrations are available to Deliveroo, UberEats, Just Eat, OrderPay, or Mobo2Go etc.

Tickets from the ordering system are sent straight to your EPoS, reducing the outlay on additional hardware to cater for multiple systems.

Order at Table

Take orders via app or web.

Customers scan a QR code or tap the Smart Disc on their table using their phones. The system then walks them through placing and paying for their order. All of this reduces stress for the customer and the time required from staff to ensure customers receive the service they expect.

Features like gifting, tipping and suggested pairing mean a smoother experience for them and more revenue for you.

harmoney EPOS
click and collect

Click & Collect

Take orders in advance with Click & Collect, saving you and your customers time.

Imagine taking additional orders whilst your business is closed or your staff are busy.

Click & Collect systems enable you to offer a pre-order, pre-pay service for your customer, improving service, increasing repeat orders and boosting sales.

Orders are sent directly to your EPoS system and printed or displayed in the preparation areas.

Some systems allow you to increase the number of click & collect orders accepted during quieter times.

Pay & Go

Put simply, Pay & Go lets your customers order at their table via waiting on staff and then pay at the table, in under 15 seconds, by scanning a QR code.

Customers are still seated & served by your team, losing none of that all-important personal touch.

Adopters have seen 12x more tips when customers pay via their phones.

cash register

PMS Integrations for Hotels

Posting food & beverage sales to the guests’ room automatically for settlement on checkout reduces costly errors and saves the time needed to manually update a reservation.

We have systems that integrate with Caterbook, Mainstay, RezLynx and more.

harmoney EPOS
harmoney EPOS
Benefits include:
  • Convenience for the guest.
  • Simplify your internal processes.
  • Reduce errors where items are forgotten or incorrectly charged
About Us

Harmony Support

The support you receive from your chosen EPoS partner is just as important as your EPoS system.

When partnering with Harmony EPoS, we do everything we can

to ease the transition, to your new system, for you and your staff.

We configure and test all hardware and software in our office, including, where required, migrating your data from your current system.

Following the initial 12 months, support contracts give you peace of mind that you and your staff can reach out to our team at any time, whatever the issue.

Contracts can be paid monthly and can be cancelled at any time.