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EPoS for Retail

GPoS Retail

GPoS Retail – Advanced Back Office MIS (Management Information System) enables you to spend more time working on your business rather than working in it.



GPoS Retail, sophisticated easy to use POS terminals with comprehensive back office Management Information System with built in rear screen advertising and customer loyalty solution to attract, manage and retain customers.

GPoS Retail advanced features keep you ahead of the game

On screen prompts and product information allow staff to “upsell” to customers. Multiple promotions such as mix and match and BOGOF are a standard feature with the facility to have the same product in more than one promotion. The system can also be used in unattended, self-service checkout mode which can give a considerable increase in profitability for the store. The integrated customer loyalty solution is designed not only to attract new customers but also to retain existing ones.

Make faster, informed business decisions

Comprehensive back office functionality for the control of all saleable products together with a dashboard and reporting suite for sales and stock. Powerful stock inventory management module handles orders, deliveries, returns and stock transfers. Links to third party suppliers ie Booker, Co-oP, Nisa. Dynamic data transfer to accounting packages such as Agresso, Exchequer and Sage.

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Increase Sales

Increase Sales with Intelligent promotions:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy X amount and get the cheapest free Bucket Sale / set
  • PLU discount
  • Meal deal
  • Super meal deal
  • Ladder promotions
  • PLU’s can exist in multi buys and ladders
  • Triggers in real time as items are registered
  • PLU’s can be in more than one promotion
  • Facility to set promotions by date and time
  • Facility to trigger promotion by Loyalty Card

Rear screen advertising

Increase Revenue with rear screen advertising:

  • Increases sales
  • Increases product awareness Increases impulse buying
  • Gives additional revenue Schedule pages by day and time
  • Choose duration to display

Exciting features

  • Credit card authorisation Wave & Pay authorisation
  • Cashless option
  • Cash back option PayPoint integration
  • On screen staff prompts
  • On screen product information Loyalty Card System
  • Scale link


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