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The Café at Lakeland



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harmoney EPOS

The Café at Lakeland in Windermere had long reaped the benefits of taking food and drinks orders via handheld devices.

Seeking an update to his existing EPoS system that would, among other things, provide minute-by-minute updates on stock and sales figures, The Café’s manager again called on the advice of Harmony EPoS.

The Café at Lakeland says

“We wanted to completely update our system, and we required a system that would be able to break down into more details what we sold and when we sold it, so it would help us better understand when our busy periods were.”

The PowerEPoS system installed by Harmony EPOS at The Café comprises four handheld waiters’ tablets that display the same information as the main EPoS screen and includes a stock countdown feature that alerts the user, should availability of a dish be running low.

The Café at Lakeland says

“It’s very reliable and really easy to operate. If I’m behind the main till or have one of the order pads in my hand, I know exactly what’s going on in all parts of The Café”

“You can open up any bill on the pad. So, if you walk past a table of two people and there’s only one drink on the table, you can see if they’re needing another drink or why it’s not there. When they go to pay, you have a rear screen at the till, so the customer can see what’s on the bill and what they’re being charged for.

“One of the features that we enjoy is that myself and my director have the EPoS system on our mobile phones, so we can actually see when we’re not on the premises if there are any problems. The complete information that you get helps with the running and productivity of the business.”

“It’s very easy, you change menus on your back office and press ‘update’ and it sends [the information] to every single pad that’s linked to it. We can do that ourselves. It’s literally a two-minute job: you can look through all the prices, find the specific item and you can update it, there and then.”

In closing: “We’ve been working with Harmony EPoS for quite a while. They’re supportive, they’re very knowledgeable, and they’re always on the end of the phone if we need them, no matter how silly a question it is that we need to ask them.”

There was an added bonus to the new system Harmony EPoS installed: it was compatible with The Café’s existing printers in the kitchen and bar and the EPoS touch screen, which made the system upgrade more cost-effective.

Need something similar?

Need something similar?

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