While advising which EPoS system is the correct solution for your business, we carefully consider which hardware is the most suitable for your software and environment.
EPoS with you in mind ...

Touch Screen Options

  • Windows, Android, Embedded
  • Counter Top/Pole or Wall Mounted
  • Rear Customer Screens – 2 Line, 10 or 15”
  • All-in-one with inbuilt printer – space saving
  • Liquid/Salt Resistant

Harmony EPoS has you covered.

Touch Screen Options

Card Payment Solutions

Integrating a card payment device to your EPoS solution speeds up service and eliminates mistakes!

Card terminals are available for Pay @ Counter, Pay @ Table, or BOTH at the same time.

Some terminals have a mobile data option meaning you can continue taking payments even if your broadband fails.

We will clearly explain the options available for your chosen EPoS system.

Card Payment Solutions

PoS Printers

Our team help you choose the best printer for your business.

Front loading printers, offer protection from liquid and salt entering the machine, prolonging the life of the machine.

For kitchen printing, you can choose from a dot matrix printer which will make a noise and print in Black & Red or a thermal printer which can be set to bleep when printing an order.

PoS Printers

Cash Drawers

There are many types and sizes of cash drawers, including standard, flip-top and compact.

Should you have minimal space available, you may require a compact drawer, or a standard drawer mounted under the counter, which gives added security.

A standard drawer is 410mm wide x 450mm deep x 110mm high. The insert has 8 coin slots and 4 notes. The drawer can be opened with a key in case there is a power cut and locked for security.

Cash Drawers

Customer Displays

Customer displays allow the customer to see the transaction as it is entered by the cashier.

A 10” or 15” LED customer display can display adverts as well as the transaction.

We recommend using a customer screen where possible, it adds security and promotes your business for little cost.

Customer Displays

Uninterruptable Power Protection (UPS)

A UPS will protect your system against power cuts and voltage fluctuations. The more you spend on a UPS, the longer protection you will have in case of a power cut.

When a power cut occurs, the UPS will keep providing power to your EPoS terminal allowing you to continue serving and print any outstanding bills.

Uninterruptable Power Protection

Tablet EPoS Terminals

A tablet EPoS system is used if you need to perform transactions on the move, usually in a restaurant.

Taking orders on a tablet:-

  • Reduces mistakes
  • Speeds up service
  • Increases upselling

All of the above = MORE PROFITS

Tablet EPoS Terminals


Scanning is required for retail operators who require stock control or wish to ensure their products are sold at the correct price.

Interface options for EPoS systems include USB, serial, and Bluetooth.

Traditional 1D scanners are slowly being replaced by 2D scanners which can scan QR codes as well as barcodes.



Retail weighing scales ensure you are charging the correct price for your weighed goods.

Scales can be programmed to print labels with price or weight embedded barcodes which are then scanned at the point of sale.

Available options

  • Receipt or Label Printing
  • Preprinted labels
  • Freezer proof labels
  • Prepack mode
  • Allergen highlighting to comply with Natashas Law
  • Veg Scoop
  • Raised Keyboard
  • 56 Preset Product Keys
  • Cash Drawer

Label Printers

If you need to produce inhouse barcodes, then the simplest way is to link a dedicated label printer to your back office software.

Shelf edge labels can also be printed from the label printer, or sometimes from the Point of Sale.

A4 printers are an option, especially if the back office software allows you to use partially used sheets of labels.


Handheld Terminals (for stocktaking and price checking)

If you do not have a grip on your stock, there is every chance your profit margin will be hit.

Using a handheld terminal (HHT) for stocktakes eliminates paper, and speeds up the process whilst reducing mistakes.

Handheld Terminals