MSD Cloud Reporting

MSD Cloud Reporting is a hosted EPoS Back Office solution for use with Uniwell EPoS Systems that can be used in conjunction with the ePOS Office, ePOS Sales or ePOS Central back office software applications

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MSD Cloud Reporting provides an online reporting option for ePOS Office, the ePOS Office (or Sales) package pushes sales, stock and product file changes to an online database where the end user can access online from anywhere with an internet connection and browser.

MSD Cloud Reporting includes a dashboard, extensive sales & stock reporting and all the reports generated can be exported to CSV, XML, HTML or PDF for easy printing and sharing with other applications.

Some of the reports currently available are; Trading Summary, Weekly Summary, Period Summary, Product Sales, Site Sales, Hourly Sales, Receipts, Banking & Cash, Transactions, Clerks, POS Transactions, POS Reports, Stock Position, Stock Variance, Period End and a range of reference data reports.

The dashboard allows the end user to configure a range of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) thresholds to alert users to potential operational issues such as unusually high levels of corrections, no sales, refunds, etc.

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Full Features

  • Operator Analysis: Highlight the most productive / unproductive staff members to award commission or identify training needs. Track sales, voids, corrections, refunds and no sales by operator.
  • Time and Attendance: Monitors the hours staff work using the clock-in / out functions of the POS terminal.
  • Electronic Journal: Keep a record of your audit roll on your PC for future reference.
  • Historical Analysis: Analyse sales trends over days, weeks, months or years.
  • 3D Charting Tools: In built charting tools.
  • Report Generator: Optional module to provide custom reports and advanced analysis.
  • Weekly Summary: Your weekly business done sheet, looking at sales receipts, total income, expenses and banking on a day by day basis for the week.
  • Cash Variance: Compares the cash expected against the actual cash received, helping trace cash variances.
  • Sales & Profit Reports: Actual product sales and profitability by date range, for individual or consolidated locations.
  • Sales Mix: Itemised sales volumes and percentages by date range.
  • Promotional Loss: Make sure your promotions are working for you; this report compares the difference between the RRP and the actual sales values to identify the level of promotional pricing discount on a product by product basis.

Technical Specification

  • Stock Holding: Keeps track of the stock holding by item, including deliveries and usage.
  • Stock Valuation: Current stock valuation at cost and retail price.
  • Stocktake Variance: Highlights stock losses with valuations at cost and retail price.
  • Suggested Order: Highlights stock below minimum levels.
  • Stock Audit: Keeps track of all stock movements.
  • Stocktaking: Periodic stocktaking provides trading results for the period, highlighting performance, stock variances and wastage.

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